Heated Sex Doll

Discover our selection of Sex Doll with heating function.
heated sex doll uses its internal skeleton to diffuse smooth heating toheated-sex-doll bring the skin of your realistic sex doll to human natural temperature of approximately 37 degrees Celsius which is about 99 degrees Fahrenheit. This small additional functionality translates into a vastly improved experience. This is particularly true during the cooler seasons when the silicone or the TPE elastomer naturally follows the ambient temperature. In those circumstances, the heated function adds warmth to the hot sexiness of the doll

Don’t like spending a night with a cold doll? Choose a heating feature and comfortably snooze in her pillow-sized warm chest.

This is an option that are available in all heated sex dolls in this category. An option that increases the feel and pleasure during intercourse, which closely resembles the experience of a real woman’s body!

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