Best Selling Sex Dolls in USA

We have gather here our best selling sex dolls in the US, as North America, and specially the USA is the place where most of our customers come from.

At Sex Doll Paradise we have dolls of all shapes and sizes. From our curvaceous BBW love dolls to our hot and sexy Asian dolls, we’ve got just the right love doll for you.

And as you can imagine, with so many love dolls in our store, every day sees a new sexy doll make her way to her new home.

But have you ever wondered what other American customers are buying? What their tastes are and if they’re similar to yours? Well, to answer those questions, we’ve created this page where you’ll find our most popular and best selling love dolls, here in the US.

Take a look and see what’s hot right now in North America, and specially in the USA. And if you have any questions about a particular love doll, be sure to get in touch.

When we first entered the industry, we learned quickly that very few men (and women) have exactly the same tastes. Where one person likes huge boobs, another prefers pert breasts. One man may like long hair while another prefers short. With this in mind, we knew that if we were to help our customers find their dream love doll, we’d have to make sure that we offered as many choices as possible.

And as you can see from the images above and below, we’ve nailed it. No matter what kind of woman you’re into, we have a love doll that perfectly fits your tastes. Big juicy butts your thing? We have plenty of those in our BBW section. Or perhaps you prefer a woman of colour? If that’s the case then you simply must check out our Black love dolls.

But that’s not all. If you have a hairstyle you prefer, or nail colour that just gets you going, then we’re happy to help you out as all of our love dolls are fully customizable.

We even offer you the option to choose between shaved and natural because we know that everyone has a preference when it comes to that, right?

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